Messor spp. in Ytong

Messor species are especially suited to be kept in Ytong because of the ability to control moisture really well, which is something that Acrylic nests tend to restrict. They are a genus of ants that collect seeds and are hence called Harvester Ants. They require both moderately humid chambers and completely dry chambers also – this is to store the seeds they collect, which will eventually be masticated by the larger workers to produce ant bread!

Here at LC Ants, we recommend keeping Messor species in Ytong nests, they provide both a great environment for the ants, and also showcases the ants at the same time. There is a risk of the ants chewing through the Ytong, however this is extremely rare and usually occurs because the ants do not have enough space, so they decide to do a bit of a home extension. LC Ants Ytong Nests are special in that the top and bottom of the nests are secured with acrylic, which prevents the ants from digging their way out. We always advise caution and you should always provide your ants with a suitable sized formicarium to avoid any potential issues.

The above photo showcase a small Messor barbarus colony which is living inside an LC Ants Size 1 Ytong nest.

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