LC Ants GroPod™ for Leafcutter Ants


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    LC Ants GroPod™ Series IV For Leafcutter Ants

    Introducing the LC Ants GroPods Series IV for Leafcutter Ants. Colonies of leaf cutting ants can be purchased here.

    Salient Features:

    – High capacity for maximum nesting space

    – Removable Anti-escape rim for application of anti-escape liquid

    – Solid construction with high quality, crystal clear cast acrylic

    – Ventilated secondary lid with 0.15mm vent holes and a secure fit to prevent escaping ants

    – Large 28mm ID tubing supplied, allowing ants to pass through carrying leaves with ease

    – Totally modular, you can take the entire unit apart for cleaning and add on extra units as needed!

    This range has been specifically designed with both Leaf-Cutting Ants and the keeper in mind. Featuring endless options for expansion using the simple push fit tubing and accessories. Each GroPod measures 200mm x 250mm with two-part lids. The removable anti-escape ring allows a layer of PTFE or similar to be applied. The main lid is ventilated to allow airflow through the unit, which is essential to prevent air stagnation. Each GroPod base is 100% solid, watertight and anti-warp and manufactured using the highest quality materials. All in a stylish and practical design which allows 100% undisturbed viewing of the ants. The unit can be taken apart with ease and cleaned with warm soapy water for re-use. One GroPod for fungus, one for foraging and one for waste.

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