LC Ants SP™ Acrylic Nest Size 2


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    LC Ants SP™ Acrylic Nest Size 2 – 90mm x 90mm x 24mm

    You asked and we delivered, back by popular demand the original LC Ants SP™ Acrylic Nest range is back!

    Suitable for a small colony of up to 300 workers

    Salient Features:

    – Original LC Ants SP™ Form Factor

    – Massive nesting capacity, reducing the frequency of nest upgrades required

    – Solenopsis Proof (SP) as standard!

    – Deep 15mm chamber depth to accommodate a large number of ants and brood piles

    – Chemical-free, natural cellulose hydration sponges


    Our SP™ Acrylic Nests feature extra-deep chambers (15mm) as standard, allowing ants, large or small to fit, removing the uncertainty over which depth nest to purchase. Specifically designed to house Solenopsis invicta& Solenopsis geminata.

    Natural cellulose sponges are used for hydration, holding many times their own weight in water. The hydration chambers are situated on the top end of the nests, allowing for a humidity gradient to form, thereby providing the ants with the means to effectively select where to place their brood for optimal growth. You can adjust humidity precisely by selectively hydrating the chambers as required. The hydration sponges can be removed and replaced if necessary.

    The acrylic nests can be used over and over again, simply unscrew the nest, wash with warm soapy water, and reassemble.

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