LC Ants Ytong Nest Size 1

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Choose your MagPort colour carefully, remember opposite colours attract, same colours will repel!

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    LC Ants Ytong Nest Series IV Size 1 – 105mm x 95mm x 38mm

    Brand New! Suitable for a small colony of up to 50 workers.

    A great choice for Camponotus, Lasius, Messor or Formica species!

    Salient Features:

    – 14mm chamber depth to accommodate a vast number of ant species of various sizes

    – Chemical-free, natural cellulose hydration sponge (removable)

    – Moisture sealed exterior for excellent moisture retention, reducing the number of times hydration is required

    – Our latest MagPort™ technology, making nest customisation and expansion a breeze

    – Removable Clear Acrylic Cover, the nest can be cleaned and re-used!

    – Translucent Red Acrylic Overlay, to make your nest dark whilst maintaining view of your ants


    Our Ytong Nests feature extra-deep chambers (14mm) as standard, allowing ants, large or small to fit, removing the uncertainty over which depth nest to purchase.

    Natural cellulose sponges are used for hydration, holding many times their own weight in water. The hydration chambers are situated on the top end of the nests, allowing for a large humidity gradient to form, thereby allowing the ants to effectively select where to place their brood for optimal growth. You can adjust humidity precisely by selectively hydrating the chambers as required.

    We have eliminated the issue of North and South Pole Magnet confusion by introducing black and white MagPorts. All you need to remember is that opposite colours attract!


    Why choose Ytong?

    Ytong has long been used as a material for building formicaria. It has great thermal insulating properties and is very porous. This means that Ytong will physically absorb water and not rely on capillary action of water through layers in acrylic nests, which can often lead to poor humidity retention. This physical water absorption means that higher humidity levels can be achieved inside a Ytong nest.

    Our Ytong nests are treated, resulting in a moisture seal around the exterior of the nest, such that the rate of water evaporation is greatly reduced. Moisture evaporation and the need to constantly hydrate Ytong nests has been a long known downside however, with the use of the moisture seal, our Ytong nests are able to retain significantly higher humidity for long periods of time. Thus you are able to keep moisture loving species in our Ytong nests without the need to hydrate very often. We recommend hydrating our Ytong nests once every 5-7 days, however this does depend on the species and will vary for ants which require a dryer environment and those moisture loving species.

    Another excellent feature of Ytong is naturally mould resistant meaning that you are able to keep moisture loving ants inside without the fear of mould outbreaks. This property is one which is unique to Ytong, unlike soil and plaster nests, and is what makes it such a great nesting medium for ants.

    Our Ytong nests are heat treated to kill any bacteria that may be living in the Ytong and also washed to remove all dust, which can be potentially harmful to ants if not removed after carving Ytong. We utilise precision CNC technology to manufacture our Ytong nests and superior quality techniques to ensure you receive a fantastic product which is perfect for your ants.

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    Frame Colour

    Red, Blue


    White, Black

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    1 review for LC Ants Ytong Nest Size 1

    1. John Ramos

      Awesome founding nest. Built very sturdy, comes with a red transparent cover to see the ants whilst not disturbing the ants, does well hydrating the chamber and looks very neat. Very happy with it!

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