Species Profile: Acromyrmex octospinosus – Leafcutter Ants

Latin Name: Acromyrmex octospinosus Common Name: Leafcutter Ants Distribution: South America Castes: Minim, Minor, Media, Soldier Colony form: Polygyne       Appearance of the Queen: 12-14mm Long, light brown body Appearance of the Workers: 5-16mm Long, light brown to dark brown body Difficulty rating (1 Easy – 2 Medium – 3 Expert): 3 (Maintenance of temperature, humidity, colonies […]

Species Profile: Atta cephalotes – Leafcutter Ants

Latin Name: Atta cephalotes Common Name: Leafcutter Ants Distribution: Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Paraguay Castes: Minim, Minor, Media, Soldier Colony form: Monogyne Appearance of the Queen: 28-34mm Long, dark brown with light brown hair, bulky body Appearance of the Workers: 3-16mm Long, brown with light brown hair Difficulty rating (1 Easy – 3 Expert): […]

Acrylic SP™ Nests, a Solenopsis Keeper’s Best Friend

Ants from the Solenopsis genus are more commonly known as Fire Ants. Whilst individually measuring less than 4mm in length, they may not seem like ruthless killers, swarming and devouring anything which dares to oppose them. Don’t let this put you off though! Successfully keeping Solenopsis species, and more specifically Solenopsis geminata & Solenopsis invicta, […]